The Thinking Other Woman

What you should know BEFORE your affair.

As I said, I have only just found this yod (well, I saw it previously, but I only just discovered it shares a leg with the husband's yod, so that bit is news to me.) So, this entry is one I didn't plan to do, and I'll be discovering it as I write this.

In discussing this chart, it should be noted I am guessing the birth time. As the birth time changes hour to hour, the wheel with the signs turns counterclockwise, bringing the planets and their transits with it in the same configuration.  All that changes with birth time is what house everything is in. Houses help describe character. This configuration, unfortunately, describes about the worst character traits a person with this birthdate could have to deal appropriately with this marital situation. (They seem to describe the situation well so I left the chart this way.) 

With changes in birth time, most notably with an afternoon/evening birth, Neptune, Saturn, and those problematic Moon, nodes, Mercury, and Mars are in much more favorable houses, indicating a person with character traits who might be able to handle this situation more favorably than this person actually has. Unfortunately, as we'll see in the next screen, the basic situation appears to be the same, with yods and the transits talking about what's likely to happen in the relationship remaining the same no matter which way the houses appear. Changes in the birth time mainly affect the Moon and Mercury transits, which tend to be short anyway, and a couple of the Venus and Jupiter with personal planet transits. The others which are strongly affected are Vertex, AC, and MC. Interestingly enough, with an afternoon birth time she gets harder transits but a natal chart that's better equipped to deal with them, and a morning birth time gives her easier transits but this nasty natal chart I keep telling you about.

You'll notice the orientation (by now you're used to searching for those little green lines) isn't what I previously drew. The reason for this is that horoscope charts, as noted previously, are always displayed with the ascendant and descendant on the perfect horizontal. However …

Look at the little number where Rory's Neptune trident is. It's in Libra, near the bottom of her chart. Then flip back and look at the little number next to Chi's Sun+Neptune on his chart. Look what signs these are in. These are going to be hideously important. (It's possible to make something good out of this, but they are going to have to work damned hard to accomplish it.)

See what I mean? Turn her chart so the degrees and signs are superimposed, and you get the configuration:

OK, not perfect, but her MC sits on his DC within about two degrees, right? Before declaring hogwash, please consider the following series of four proofs:

First we'll discuss just her yod.

Hmm. We need to know what "MC" is in a chart. That's short for the "Midheaven," the highest point above your head from where you are on the earth when you're born. It reflects what you're most known for in this life. For most people, that's their career. (Hold that thought. Or maybe not. You might be able to guess what's coming …)

So, in "Rory's" case, we have her Midheaven, her "career" or what she's most known for, not … quite … getting … along with ol' Pluto, down there in House 2, Leo, and Neptune, House 4, Libra. We should stop here and observe that Neptune in House 4 often describes significant problems with a parent in some way. The classic interpretation is that a parent was an alcoholic or a drug addict, but that isn't always the case. A few notes:

"Neptune in the fourth house represents the search for a spiritual home and dreams of finding the perfect resting place, away from the demand of reality. Often it can take some time before the dream the individual holds inside materializes, and sometimes it will always remain a fantasy." (The Astrology Place.) I'm not going to discuss what I know of the family background of this individual, since she doesn't even know I'm looking at this chart, but let it suffice to say that this linked article is very enlightening. Neptune here is shaking hands with …

Pluto, in House 2, the House of Things of Worth. (Self-worth, things you have or do that are worth money, how you value who you are and what you can offer, and, of course, money itself. One common interpretation of Pluto in two is that the family of origin was poor and this scarred the person. I don't have any information whether that is true.) Sign of Leo: a lot like House 5, creativity, fun, children, and, oh, yeah, romance.

We need to talk a bit more about Pluto. Astrologers reading my chart warn me to beware of being too dominating, obsessive, possessive, and controlling, because I have Pluto sitting in my first house. Pluto is often, and most commonly, associated with these things; but its other association is with things we are afraid of, and deep scary change and rebirth involving things we are afraid of.

So we have Pluto, striving to dominate and control things of worth associated with love and romance, shaking hands with a deep need for the comforting childhood home not experienced in childhood because parents were not accessible in some way, and the possibility that the family was poor. This person feels a deep need for that comforting home and will overcontrol in order to get it, obsessively, with a tight, tight grip. (See any reason why she picked a severe codependent? Oh, and look at Chiron, over there in House 7: Often reflects a severely emotionally wounded spouse.) 

These two aspects of the personality, Neptune and Pluto, are harmonious and cooperative. Most likely, the individual is very controlling, and the Neptune explains why, so of course they are harmonious and cooperative!

What doesn't cooperate is the Midheaven, up there. The Midheaven, career, or what the person is known for, is getting in the way of this need to control the environment into that perfect, comforting atmosphere Rory needed in childhood and didn't get.

Ahem. About this Midheaven: Rory didn't really have a career after the children were born; she became a stay-at-home mom. So her "career" or what she's most known for in the world, is her home and marriage. And, as we can see, that's sitting right on top of Chi's descending: his most intimate and private relationship.

Okay, so I am just LMAO writing this, because if you consider this conjunction of her Midheaven and his Descending to be their marriage, and we see that the need to have everything perfectly comforting for her, and the wish to control with an iron fist to make it so, is not sitting so well with that … 

Still don't believe in astrology??

Something tells me I've got this person's birth time just about right. 

Neptune House 4: "Neurosis from difficulties with parents and other family members can arise, and emotionally based nervous disorders that are difficult to diagnose may develop later in life." (And if you peruse Pia Mellody's Facing Love Addiction and Diane Poole Heller's Healing Your Attachment Wounds: How to Create Deep and Lasting Intimate Relationships, you will discover just what that is. In a nutshell, it's an avoidantly attached person who's a runner in relationships, distancing and emotionally very closed down, often sharp-tongued, cruel, and harsh. And that, friends, is how I came to be here. I am not, by nature, and what Pluto I see that reflects that I might become that way, I see that I need to extinguish rightmost ricky-tick.)

Let's see now if there are any boomerangs to the yods in these charts.