The Thinking Other Woman

What you should know BEFORE your affair.

                    Having an affair?

Having some unbelievably exciting encounters with someone you know is already attached?

                                                    Have you just had your heart broken?

                                                                                       Stick around, and let's talk.

How do you live with yourself after an affair with a married man or woman? Especially when, after announcing they're leaving, seeing a divorce lawyer, and moving out, they run back home and break your heart?

Why did they do it? Why did you do it? Especially when you swore you'd never have a fling with someone already married or with someone?

What do you do when it's your significant other who strayed?

How do you heal this gaping, bleeding wound? Will you ever see the person again?

YOU DON'T WANT THIS TO BE YOU. But, in ninety percent of affairs, this is what happens. Do you want to stay anyway? How do you deal when the above scenario is you?

This website isn't here to judge or condemn. That doesn't help anything (although a lot of judgmental people think it does.) So many websites and articles about affairs just slap your hand and say,

                                    "It's bad. Don't do it."

But they don't help you understand the deeper reasons why, or what is really going on. What I've found is that when we deeply see these things for ourselves, the right way is clear, and we feel no more conflict.

This website is here to help you THINK, which is what you really need to do.

The Thinking Other Woman found answers--

                                          in some of the most unlikely places.

For one thing, everything that happened in my affair could have been predicted from how we grew up and what our families were like. I had spent a lot of time reading psychology and self help after growing up with a mother with borderline personality disorder, but I still wasn't prepared for just how rigidly our childhoods program us for the relationships we will have in our later lives. That's why there will be so much information on personality disorders and psychology linked here.  Childhood sets us up for a lot.

    For another thing, everything that happened actually WAS predicted ... in our horoscopes. That the onset and the course of a stable love triangle could be described with such accuracy by a discipline I had never believed in was shocking to me. Not only that, but the astrology I was reading also accurately described the psychology I read behind all that had happened. Astrology has provided a major guidebook to my healing, and that’s why there’s an astrology tab on here. I want to explain how this came to be true.


Lastly, the blog will provide the threads to string the story together. I hope it can help you make sense of your story. Because if I've discovered anything over the past four years, it's that everything really does happen for a reason. We're supposed to master something through these experiences, and here's how I've found the clues. If you're here, you're here because you are having a painful time in your relationship life. Let's figure it out together.