The Thinking Other Woman

What you should know BEFORE your affair.

Having an affair or thinking about one? Of course, you know there might be consequences. RIGHT NOW is the time for some really deep thought about you and that other person you can't forget about ...

BEFORE anyone finds out. BEFORE any hearts get broken.

BEFORE anything bad happens.

You're about to enter a love triangle. What the heck do you do??

Most Affair-Related Writing is Slanted, and DOESN'T Tell You The Whole Story.

My Story: So, what happens when the affair DOESN'T happen? You might just get well ...

Are you living in a sexless marriage?

What someone tells you at the very beginning of the relationship usually tells you how it will end.


Seven Years Later ... How it actually DID end.

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 There Are Only Three Types of Affairs

 Pathological Loneliness and Relationship Triangles

 Five Hidden Truths About Affairs

 Have you been cheated on?

 Why A Snap Judgment About Someone Else's Affair Is Never A Good Idea.

 Book Review: Runaway Husbands by Vikki Stark, and the HUGE, important Information it leaves out!!

I want to write about personality disorders here, because if you were raised by a parent who has/had one, you're at risk for emotional problems that can hurt your marriage and/or make you vulnerable to a relationship triangle. This also goes if you are codependent because a parent was alcoholic, drug-addicted, or otherwise emotionally unavailable to you growing up.

The statue is a link to my nascent personality disorders website, The PD Reader.