The Thinking Other Woman

What you should know BEFORE your affair.

"I do have a love for astrology, and it's definitely one of my hobbies. I think that I formed an interest in it when I got myself into a bit of an impossible situation where I needed some advice and help. I suppose I looked everywhere, found nothing, but I looked to the stars. I needed something to make me laugh. After understanding the system completely, I found that that the impossible situation I was in all of the sudden became possible. It helped me understand people better. Even if at the end of the day, if it's not true, I'm fine with that because it gives me a sense of comfort and understanding about who people are. In a way astrology gives you something to grasp onto when just meeting somebody, and there is definitely a comfort level to that."

--Crystal Renn.

Believe it or not, astrology can teach us quite a bit about affairs in general, and yours in particular.

Yes, your affair does show up in your horoscope. And what it can teach you can save you a broken heart.

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