The Thinking Other Woman

What you should know BEFORE your affair.

Yes, your affair DOES show up in your horoscope. And what it can teach you can save you a broken heart!

Note: Articles appearing on this page are NOT exactly the same as those appearing on YourTango articles are edited for brevity. Also, it appears the editorial staff there has a strong anti-affair bias, and my articles are often rewritten with that slant.

How my affair was represented in our horoscopes and what that had to teach me

How to hire an astrologer who could do the same work for you

What you need to know before hiring an astrologer to read your relationship charts with your significant other

I did a whole-life reading for myself, and it taught me a LOT about my affair and my life.

What is a "yod" in astrology? And how studying his, mine, and ours helped me grow in therapy and solve a SHITLOAD of problems.