The Thinking Other Woman

What you should know BEFORE your affair.

Because the clickable free programs on don’t show you ALL the aspects in your chart, I’ve had to use a different feature to show you the chart of the second member of our triangle. Again, there’s a long green witches’ hat yod, but it’s in dashed lines and it’s a little tougher to see. I’m going to call this guy Chi, short for Chiron, the mythological wounded healer.

The part of Chi’s yod that often doesn’t display is all the way over on the right. It’s marked with the letters, “DC” and right next to it is a tiny blue dash with the word in blue, “Verte.” The reason it’s not commonly displayed is a lot of online programs don’t display the DESCENDING, or the VERTEX, which these letters and symbols highlight.

Most people have heard of the ascending, because it’s commonly called the “rising sign,” but they don’t know that there’s a corresponding part on the other side of their natal chart called the descending or the descendant. 

What it is: Your ascendant, or your “rising sign,” denotes how you come across to people in the world, especially initially. For instance, my late husband was a Virgo, very duty-oriented, but he was also a very happy, sunny guy with a fabulous sense of humor, and that was what people saw right away. His ascending was Sagittarius, and that was what people saw. You had to get to know him a bit to know the Virgo side of him.

Once, people at work, discovering that I study astrology, asked me to guess their sun signs. I was wrong, but in each case what I guessed was actually their rising signs.

So much for the rising sign. Your descendant, opposite it, talks about your most private relationships and how you are in your most private intimate life. So, that forms one of the sextiles in Chi’s yod. Sitting almost right on top of it is the Vertex. This point describes fated relationships or events in the life. So, one of the sextile entities is a fated relationship or event that has to do with Chi’s most private, intimate life. His Vertex is in Picses, ruled by Neptune (we’ll see that Neptune is a bad, bad character here), and his DC is of course the cusp between his sixth and seventh house, Pisces and Aries. Is he going to be dreamy and emotionally fused with other people, or is he going to be assertive and more for himself? His DC is sitting right on the cusp of that. VERY descriptive of this person’s life.

Looking closely, you can see that the other sextile, up there in the sign of Gemini, House 9, is Mars, also the symbol commonly used to indicate a male. Mars rules assertiveness, masculinity, aggression (even warlike behavior), and sexuality.


And this Mars is shaking hands with a fated relationship in his most private and intimate life, going, “Heyyy, we get along! I want to help you out!” Unfortunately, Mars dabbles shallowly in the sign of Gemini, in many activities, never really mastering anything. Not so good here. It can also be involved in more than one relationship. 

(And, oh, look at my Venus, in House 12. The house of secret love affairs. And the wife? Saturn in House 5, the house of love and romance. Saturn reflects hard lessons and restrictions here, trouble relating to other people, and obstacles coming between you and the person you’re with. And the need to slow the fuck down, reflect, and learn something, rather than striking out blindly in rage.)

Still don’t believe in astrology??

Ohhhh, but there’s that tip of the yod. In the way, as always, the pesky little fucker. In this case there’s two pesky little fuckers. If you follow the dotted green lines, at the tip of the yod, both the Sun (looks like a bull’s eye) and Neptune (the trident sign) hold court. (See, I told you Neptune was bad.) 

In this case, some astrologers might argue that this is not a true yod, because the Sun and Neptune are not quite in the same spot. They’re actually about seven degrees apart. But, the Sun, because it’s so big and bright, allows for a wider degree in interpreting aspects, and the true test for me is: Does this, or does this not, accurately describe the situation? In this case, it does, so read on.

Of final interest are two other planets who are at almost the same degree as Neptune: Mercury, the little character with the cow horns who has the cross at the bottom, and Jupiter, which looks like a crooked four. 

I questioned whether to include these in the yod or not. Technically, Mercury could be considered part of the yod because it’s within ten degrees of the Sun. (Just barely.) Jupiter misses by almost two degrees. 

Mercury is the planet of communication and learning. Seems like a place you might want Jupiter, which is the planet of expansiveness (sometimes going overboard) and great good luck. In this case, because it’s tough to include the Sun and Neptune together in the yod anyhow, I disregarded Mercury and Jupiter and just dealt with the Sun and Neptune as a loose conjunction at the tip of the yod.

So, for Chi’s yod, he has the Sun and Neptune getting in the way of his assertiveness in fated relationships in his most private, intimate life.


And, does that EVER describe him.

Next: THE BOOMERANGS. I’m about to blow your mind. (This sure as fuck blew mine.)