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Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on August 15, 2021 at 6:50 PM


Creative Process spread. 

(I hate the William Blake tarot, but that's what I ended up with.)

Creative force behind the process: Imagination card.

Emotion: Two of poetry.

Thought: Energy card.

Manifestation: Angel of painting.


Twisting Path spread.

First decision: The Empress, reversed.

First false path: Heirophant, reversed.

Second decision: Hermit, reversed.

Second false path: Seven of swords, reversed.

Possible destination: Strength, reversed. (Figures.)


Fourfold vision spread.

Object being viewed: Eight of swords.

Physical vision: Hermit, reversed.

Mental vision: Five of swords.

Emotional vision: Page of swords, reversed.

Unseen aspects: King of wands, reversed.

Me and Chi:

Creative process spread.

Creative force: Four of pentacles, reversed.

Imagination: Ten of wands, reversed.

Emotion: King of pentacles.

Thought: The magician.

Manifestation: Queen of cups.

Chi and Rory:

Cross and Triangle.

Prime energy: Strength.

Process of thought: Ace of cups, reversed.

Motivations: Six of wands.

Emotions: Ten of swords.

Position in life: King of pentacles.

One of two opposing forces: Queen of cups

Second of two opposing forces: Temperance

Reconciler: Page of wands, reversed.

Final outcome: Ten of cups, reversed.

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