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Guess I Lied, That WASN'T the Last Chart Analysis ... Astrological Notes to Self

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on May 19, 2023 at 12:25 AM

Christmas-ish, Davison:

Chiron and North Node hovering around Jupiter, Aries, House 2/3

Moon and Saturn conj Ascendant

Mars conj MC

Venus conj Neptune :( House 8, Scorpio.


NN conj Saturn, which means it's on the yods.

Moon and Saturn conj Descendant. (Interesting, my descending is the relationship's ascending.)

Venus conj descending


Jupiter retrogrades and loosely boomerangs his yod one more time. It just misses mine, however.

Nodal opposition. 

Some people characterize this time as a period of failing at something they thought they wanted to achieve, only to find out it wasn’t right for them. Others might find that they entertained a new idea, but were unable to take action—which is, perhaps, a sign that it wasn’t the right time in their life for that idea.


For those with an especially difficult nodal opposition, know that the seed of your purpose is within the failures and dead ends. We often don’t know what we want in life until we try a few things out. It’s possible the universe could hand us our life’s dreams on a silver platter, and we’d sniff it and turn away. We may not recognize it yet because we need more experiences to arrive at self-knowledge.

( ) ... right before his Saturn square in this case, NEXT spring. Hmm. Saturn square ... I'll let YOU look that one up.

Mercury and Mars conj Saturn.

Neptune conj Descending and Vertex.

South Node conj Venus/Sun.


Jupiter conj Venus is finally separating.

Venus conj Vertex.

Mars conj North Node.

Neptune conj MC.

Chi and Rory Davison:

Good grief. Uranus is going retrograde over their MC.

Chiron conj Moon. (I wouldn't want THIS one)

Pluto conj Venus almost perfect. (I wouldn't want THIS one, either.)

Jupiter conj Mars.

Neptune opp Jupiter (loose, about 5 degrees.)

... and I wondered where the fuck that decision point was actually going to be. Think I found it.

Of course, this says NOTHING about what that will be. It's all up to free will, and I'm not in a good position, here. Anyway, you can't rely on a relationship with someone else to make you happy. YOU have to be the one making you happy ... and that applies to me, too.

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