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It's the End of the World as I Knew It ...

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on April 15, 2023 at 3:55 PM

And now we're five days out from the first explosion that's going to go off in our charts ... the eclipse. The firecrackers, as I've explained earlier, are scheduled to go off until May 10th. This would be the astrological turning point, because there's no way the Cataclysmic Events that turn up in a particular timeline next year can possibly ever happen if we're not speaking.

And we're not speaking, and we won't ever speak again. For a 64-year-old person who's been very, VERY set in his ways his whole life to not even be lurking on here anymore after lurking some SEVEN YEARS prior, speaks very loudly to me. It would take the equivalent of a tsunami to change how this has ended up, and really. This wife has behaved badly for forty years. If he's not tired enough of it to leave by now, he never will be.

So, I know what to expect from the next three weeks: Absolutely nothing.

I am in the process of converting my humble abode, after The Great Plumbing Disaster of 2023, into a place to spend an old age in, and I'm forgetting all about this after that. Fuck, man, I don't even know how I could make fiction out of it. People, as we know, prefer happy endings, and this doesn't have one.

Unless, of course, they've found each other and will spend the rest of their years on this earth happy together. Now, THAT'S a happy ending!!

But we don't have one. Like 99.999999999% of all relationships that start out as affairs. So, I'll be leaving this behind, and most likely this blog and this website. It's all starting to get a little boring, and I have little else to say. I've learned everything from this I can. The only thing left to learn is how to live an old lady's life ... how to just go along doing my work, and that's it. And be contented with that. 

That's my job from now on. 

FORWARD!! There's no point looking back. Gone is gone.                                  

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