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I Forgot

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on March 5, 2023 at 5:50 PM

After I made my post about the astrology of Jupiter around April 27-29, I realized one thing: I should have looked for supporting transits to our Davison. Wonder if there are any?

So, without further ado:

Sun and Mercury conj Moon.

Mars sextile Sun and Moon (although these are separating)

Saturn opp Sun, although it's approaching and barely within 10 degrees. (You know me and Saturn.)

Uranus trine Sun, conjunct Moon, although both these are on the way out.

Sun and Saturn inconjunct Mercury, almost perfect. (Figures.)

Neptune coming into a loose opp with Mercury. (Again, figures.)

Mercury trine Venus

Venus square Venus

Mars sextile Venus, almost perfect. 

On Mars: A Moon square, a Jupiter opp, a Neptune inconjunct. (Yuck.)

Venus sextile Jupiter, almost perfect. 

Mars square Jupiter, almost perfect. 

Uranus semisextile Jupiter, almost perfect.

Venus trine Saturn, almost perfect. 

Mercury and Uranus square Saturn. That Uranus is almost perfect.

Saturn opp Uranus.

Sun, Mercury, and Uranus opp Neptune. (Yuck.) (Hey, at least it isn't Moon.)

Chiron square the nodes.

Mars conjunct North Node. 

Venus semisextile North Node, almost perfect.

Venus square Vertex, almost perfect. Like about ten seconds.   

Uranus trine Vertex, even closer than that.

Mars sextile Vertex.

Sun trine Ascendant.

Saturn conj Ascendant.

Venus conjunct the Descending.

Their Davison:

Venus, Uranus, Mercury square Sun (although they do have a nice Venus trine.)

Mars square Moon, Chiron conj Moon (separating by about 5 degrees.)

Jupiter square Mercury, Uranus trine.

Moon opp Venus.

Jupiter square Venus, Pluto conj Venus, Neptune trine.

Sun and North Node conj Mars. Saturn trine, almost perfect.

Neptune opp Jupiter.

Venus opp Saturn, approaching Saturn square.

Moon and Pluto conj Uranus, Nodal square.

Saturn opp Pluto, Jupiter trine.

Mercury trine Vertex.

Various trines/sextiles and semisex/inconjuncts with nodes I don't think are all that important.

Mercury and Uranus square the Ascending, with Venus sextile, Jupiter trine.

Sun, Mercury, and Uranus conj the MC. (With Mars sextile, Venus semisextile.)

Now: Does Any Of This Matter?

Nope, not in the least. If we were still together, it might, but the guy has broken his record of never going more than two months without checking in here. He's made a New Year's resolution to go and stay gone, and he's keeping it.

That means we're over. Finito. Done. Gone. 

I'll never see him here again. We'll never speak or see each other or have any contact again. 

So, it would have been a turning point of some kind if we had held onto each other, but I couldn't do that, and neither could he. In the interest of making other people happy, we said goodbye. 

So, I hope those other people are happy. I hope he is, too. In general, I think people are happier staying in their marriages than they are leaving for an extramarital lover. He would have traded his family for me, and that would never have been an even trade. 

I doubt that marriage ever became close. But, the thing is:

Neither of these people were comfortable ever being close. They chose each other in the interest of being distant, so that's what they get to do now: Remain distant. In the same house, but emotionally distant. The way they're comfortable. Family, but not too close.

In any case, this is no more of my concern. I'm off to live what's left of my life now, and this is in the past. Eight years in the past, and no more to be thought of.

End, windup, finish.

Moral of the story: Just because it's in your transits doesn't mean it's going to happen. Free Will Reigns Supreme.                           




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