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The Crucible

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on February 16, 2023 at 6:35 AM

This will probably be the last transit analysis I will do on these three charts. There won't be any need to do another one.

Astrology suggests there is about to be a make-or-break turning point in the situation. On April 27th, Jupiter will exactly hit the tip of my yod, which means it will exactly boomerang his yod. (Actually this period starts on the 22nd and goes through May 1st.)

The interesting thing is, at that time she has the Sun and North Node on her Venus, and approximately one month later the North Node will still be there, but it will be joined by this selfsame Jupiter.

It should be noted that Jupiter conj Venus is The Prime transit for a new love ... and the reason I knew I was going to hear from him in October of 2017 was, that was the month we both had this transit at the same time.

It should also be noted that Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the zodiac ... and she is going to be 68. She won't get this transit again until she is 80 years of age, if she is even still here ... so this is functionally the last Jupiter conj Venus she will get in this lifetime. It should also be noted that, in my experience, Jupiter conj Venus doesn't always mean a new love. It CAN foretell the return of an old one! Basically, all it means is, you are in love. Hm, nothing whets the appetite for something like having it taken away, right??

Time to wake up, if you ask me. Actually, if I have read these transits right, this Jupiter conj Venus would be the culmination of work done over the past eight years on the marriage ... work that should have started in 2015 with the alarm transits she had going over her chart, foretelling him moving out and reflecting that both people had better put all their cards on the table and work hard on resolving issues within the marriage.

Then along came 2016 with all those good work transits I saw depicting a great time to straighten out personal issues that were preventing her from connecting in her marriage ... which I later learned she elected to sleep through marriage counseling and NOT DO.

Had she done a better job with those transits, this spring coming up could have reflected a happy time of renewal for them. 

But ... she didn't WORK.

Hmm ... let's see what else we can see, here. At this time (May 2023), Jupiter is semisextile Sun (which is conjunct itself for obvious reasons), sextile Mars, square itself, loose separating square Uranus, loose separating opp Neptune (not great), loose separating trine Pluto, square Chiron (separating), inconjunct Vertex, and quint AC. At the end of April, Jupiter is separating sextiles with Moon and Mercury, approaching that conj Venus, sextile Mars, square itself, square Uranus, opp Neptune (ICK and ICK), trine Pluto, trine and sextile with Nodes, semisextile MC.

Jupiter square itself: A tendency toward excess. Tests your understanding of the world in that if you have gotten overconfident, you could have financial (or other) problems.

Jupiter square Uranus: A sudden change in life direction or a sudden change in fortune. It could be a big opportunity or a sudden and unexpected disruption.

Jupiter opp Neptune: A personal growth challenge. Spiritual growing pains. Struggling to understand the truth. You overidealized something or someone and now you are susceptible to disappointment or to being taken advantage of. You may discover something that may change your beliefs. There could be a disappointment or a loss here.

See why I said, ICK?


Solar Arc hits: Mars square Vertex, AC quint Vertex, Venus semisquare Pluto, Mercury sextile Mars, Pluto trine Mars, MC conj Sun (interesting because remember what her MC is in their synastry), Jupiter trine Sun, Pluto and Neptune inconjunct Sun, Nodes square Sun.

His chart:

Jupiter boomeranging his yod will opp his Sun (obviously), opp Mercury, trine Saturn (yey!), there's a trine Uranus and an opp Neptune that are so loose and separating they are hardly worth talking about, conj South Node opp North Node, and a sextile with MC. Interesting how they are having that Jupiter opp Neptune together, though. But then ... we pointed out all those years ago that their Neptunes are conjunct, and that isn't the greatest for a marriage.

Jupiter conj South Node: It means that life, especially society, rewards and encourages the native not to evolve. It’s very easy for him to continue to emphasize the house the conjunction occupies in the manner of the sign it occupies, even though equal effort in the opposite house and sign (where the North Node is) would bring him into better personal balance. The native needs to muster extra self-discipline in order to avoid wasting opportunities for personal development on a non-challenging but socially-approved ‘treadmill.’

Jupiter opp Sun: An inner journey leading to personal growth. A turning point where you reflect on what you need to be truly happy, possibly confronting opposing forces to get what you want. You can overdo your attempts to grab at something you think will make you happy and then end up suffering consequences in the end.

Jupiter opp Mercury: Overstating your case; seeing what you had overlooked; wanting to learn; awareness of self; expressing self in an exaggerated manner; restless; sense of frustration. Big plans or ideas that may trip you up because of poor planning and not considering all details.

Solar Arc hits for him at this time: Sun semisquare Chiron, AC quint Chiron, Chiron conj South Node (figures), Vertex square Pluto (NOT the same as the other way round), MC conj Pluto (same note), Vertex and AC inconjunct Neptune, Vertex quint Uranus (maybe he'll paint something.) Uranus trine Saturn, Pluto conj Jupiter--almost perfect!  Neptune sextile Jupiter, Sun inconj Mars, Uranus conj Venus--MAN, that's close, one degree five seconds. So: Not this year. Could be next year, though! Chiron opp Venus, Pluto conj Mercury, Sun semisquare Moon, Venus sextile Sun (well, he was supposed to reconcile with somebody), Saturn trine Sun, Neptune quint Sun, Nodes trine and semisextile sun. 

I wish I knew how to compute solar arcs for Davisons, but I don't yet.           

My chart:

Jupiter square Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, conj Saturn, inconjunct Uranus and Neptune (duh), a biquint with Pluto, square Vertex, loose approaching trine AC.

Thank god it's Jupiter. I mean, bleah. Anything hitting the tip of this yod just sets my whole chart off very badly. Sad to say, next time it's Chiron. You really don't want Chiron squaring or inconjuncting anything. Fuck, man. What's going to happen to me then?? Am I going to get cancer or something??? Really, Jupiter is the best thing that can hit this yod and the aspects still aren't great.

Jupiter inconjunct Uranus: You get a hit of good luck that could spur growth, but you need to be modest about it and use good sense or it could go badly as a result of arrogance or overconfidence. Natally I have Saturn here, which reflects that misfortune and hard lessons restrict who I would otherwise be. I fall back on patterns that don't work because I am insecure and need predictability and stability. I try to seek status or approval because I don't have any self-worth. I could throw away an existing pattern with no clue how to build a more suitable lifestyle and find myself living in a void. (Which sounds just like me the past eight years.)

Jupiter inconjunct Neptune: Having resources to grow and expand. It's a trial and error to get my best skills to emerge in a way that promotes growth and doesn't harm other people. A test of faith and belief in something. Finding the limits of what is possible in the current conditions. I put my faith in something or someone to come through for me and now I find out whether I was being realistic or not. There could be a total victory, a total defeat, or anything in between. The tipping point is here.|

Natally Saturn is here instead of Jupiter. Restriction, limitations, the way I was brought up, and the way I was taught are inhibiting my imagination, creativity, and dreams. I have an overactive imagination which lacks suitable channels for a healthier release. I end up feeling inadequate, incompetent, and inferior. This may not actually be the truth, but I think it is, so I don't want to do anything, and the negative results of that reinforce the idea that my creative ideas aren't much good. Which is exactly what's happened in my life. I wind up cutting off my own imagination and being a self-defeatist. I am supposed to just be myself and stop comparing myself to others.

Jupiter conj Saturn: Either I decide to work within existing limits or throw them over and bolt for freedom. Interestingly I also get a Sun trine Jupiter at this time, which augurs good luck.

Jupiter square Sun: I get ambitious, but need to understand the limits of reality as I could reach too far and suffer disappointment as a result.

Jupiter square Mercury: Urgent messages and thoughts to relay to others. The need to use some common sense.

Jupiter square Moon: Big feelings, very in touch with my emotions, could overreact.

Jupiter square Mars:  I may make a big effort without anticipating difficulties. I could become arrogant or domineering or too competitive. I need to choose battles wisely. I start out full of enthusiasm, but I could end up getting overwhelmed and giving up.

Jupiter square Vertex: Fated good thing is happening here, but I could get too self-indulgent. I need to work on communication skills, education, and controlling my thoughts about something.

Jupiter trine AC: Good fortune; lucky breaks. Uh-oh. Astrologer Jamie Patridge writes this as a significator of a new relationship, one that teaches me something about being more tolerant and understanding of others. (He's not the only astrologer writing this, either.) I'm growing in consciousness and experiencing more meaningful contacts with others. More competent and creative and likely undertaking some form of study. 

Solar Arc hits for me at this time: Sun and Moon conj Uranus, Chiron trine Uranus, Descendant conj Saturn, Chiron semisextile Saturn, Sun and Moon inconjunct Saturn (that Sun is a perfect 0.00), MC semisquare Jupiter, MC conj Mars, Venus quint Mars, Mercury semisextile Venus, Uranus trine Mercury, Saturn semisextile Mercury, Saturn semisquare Sun and Moon.  

So, taking all this into account, I think we can see that Jupiter hitting the tip of this yod at the end of April reflects the point where the relationship was either going to come back together or not.

However, I've learned a lot about astrology at this point, and what I know now is that astrological significators mark the points in our life where we COULD HAVE CHOSEN to do something.


And, looking at the available facts, I believe April will come and go without a peep from this fellow. 

I already know the relationship is over. The reason? I challenged this person LAST FUCKING APRIL. And he snuck about still lurking on here until I called him on THAT, and THEN ... 

... he disappeared on the last day of 2022 and hasn't been seen since.

This is just a wimpy person who also doesn't have any support at all for thinking any way at all other than what people around him think is acceptable, and the way his family has always been run.

There's nobody there to say, "But what do YOU think? How do YOU feel? Look at everything you've done for the kids already. They're in their mid-to late THIRTIES. How much more do you owe them, and aren't the problems in the marriage at least half your wife's? Especially since you dropped the AP and went to the marriage counseling at her request and then SHE refused to apply herself!"

No, no, no, no, nobody in his orbit is saying this. Or ever will. And this is a person who needs a LOT of bolstering from the outside in order to risk social disapproval or withstand a period of coolness from his adult children and others in his family if he decides to, you know ... actually try to have a close connected relationship with a woman at some point before he DIES.

And someone with that lack of backbone and that level of unwillingness to seek out resources and support and pick up a goddamned book isn't a good bet in a healthy relationship.

Not that I need to worry about it, because the chances that this person will ever actually make contact again are zero.

The transits are there.


But, it won't. 

*Although ... two days ago someone in an unknown location used the Chinese Bing to reread THE RESOURCES YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. I say "reread" because no matter what version of Bing you search on, this page does not come up even on sitesearch. So the only way this person could have gone directly to it was to already know it was there. Which this person would, because I have documented him rereading it something like fifty times over the years since it first went up.

So, there you have it. It COULD HAVE HAPPENED.

Will it?

If THIS person rouses himself to the task, I'll eat my HAIR. 

In any case, by May the question will be answered and the whole entire thing will be put to rest. Done, d-d-done, done, done.

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