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Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on October 15, 2022 at 5:30 PM

Stay true to your inner authority

Valid during many months: During this time, you increasingly draw on defense mechanisms that you have acquired in the past to protect yourself from injury. Perhaps old wounds are now making themselves felt again and you are once more confronted with your individual inadequacies. The temptation is great to react with the usual defense patterns, but this does not resolve the pain. It doesnʹt help you to constantly justify yourself or make accusations against others. You now have a chance to look behind your own barricades. You cannot increase your self-esteem by covering up your own weaknesses and sensitivities. On the contrary, you should stand by your vulnerability and perceive and integrate it as part of your personality.


During this time, you should try to detach yourself from structures or authorities that no longer reflect your own nature. Also, donʹt let old feelings of guilt or responsibility keep you from doing so. If you avoid an upcoming confrontation now by conforming to the norms of your partner or another authority figure, you will prevent an important step in the development of this relationship. In addition, you will consolidate a relationship that would have needed change for a long time anyway. Stay true to your own inner authority.


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