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Constructing More About Astrology For A Certain Visitor ...

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on April 24, 2022 at 11:20 AM

Some of this post is going to be redundant. Some of the text is from a new page I'm preparing for the astrology tab of this site. But, I'm putting it here for a reason: A certain visitor does not visit any other page except the blog. If I expect him to find it on the astrology tab, I'll be waiting for a long time. 

But, it's going up here for the following reason: It's important.

You know who you are. I'm informed by tarot that you are expecting and hoping fate will just make your decision for you. I figured that was just bunk, because you are an atheist, and you've said you don't believe in astrology, tarot, yada, yada, yada.

However. I see you browing early posts where I'm trying to make sense of astrological transits, and where a couple of significant events were accurately predicted, by me and others. So, there seems to be some evidence that what I'm getting via tarot is correct. If indeed this is you. 

(And, really. Who else would stay up all night reading these in the view pattern you have??)

So, since you're interested, this is my working theory, and this is what I've been given to understand:

My husband dying?? Us getting together?? That WAS fate. We planned that shit. (You should see the transits for end 2014-2015. NOT a lot of ambiguity there.)

When you can look at a year's transits, and there's not a lot of ambiguity there, and there are fate markers in the charts and the transits, You Were Gonna Do That Shit. It is, quite literally, a plot. For what??? In this case (as in most cases): To fuel a process of personal growth and emotional learning.

However, when the situation degenerates into a pile of different outcomes that sound like a bunch of different storylines you can't even trace unless you are taking transits three years at a time for a decade or more, there's a reason for that (and I'm told this by tarot, too. Have to thank Honest Love Tarot for this, because I quit doing tarot readings myself.):






(And, technically, so am I. Although ... it takes T-W-O people to make a relationship and only O-N-E to break it, so I don't make the decision here. Rory does not make the decision here. Your daughter does not make the decision here. (Unless, of course, you let her. Again. But ... even that isn't really her decision, see? It's YOURS.)

You are cosmically given your head here. The bit is out of your mouth, the weight is off your shoulder. You've been following in footsteps all your life (going, I have to, I have to.)

(The line after that in Sabrina is, "Save me, Sabrina Fair. You're the only one who can!" Which is true insofar as: The Only Thing You Need Is This Message. Which I am here to transmit. And there's more on that to come. After that? You decide!)

The only thing you really HAVE to do here (if you ever want to be whole and have a snowball's chance at happiness, that is) is go back to childhood and heal the programming with all those messages about low self-worth, being responsible for other people's happiness, and all the rest of it. (Because ... if YOU are responsible for everybody else's life and everybody ELSE'S happiness ... who looks after yours???)

If you WANT to get well here ... YOU CAN. If you WANT to choose the direction of the remainder of your life, here ... YOU CAN. But: YOU must decide to WORK, not on sussing out what others want and doing what shuts them up, but on identifying the ways you were misprogrammed and mistrained as a child and FIXING THAT SHIT. (Which would require that a certain therapist, if you're still seeing him, needs to assign you some kick-ass ACoA recovery. If not, I will find him, and I will slap him.)

(That was a joke, by the way.)

You are almost 64 years of age, my boy. IT'S YOUR LAST CHANCE in this lifetime. And your transits are pretty clear on that. (Come on. You don't want to have to repeat any of THIS, do you??)



Even when you hand that choice to someone else under the "niceness" of, "But I can't upset my faaaaamily!!!"

You are given your head here with the C-H-O-I-C-E to become emotionally healthy, and then to DECIDE WHAT'S BEST FOR Y-O-U using the compass of emotional health.

And that's why the transits are all the fuck over the fucking place. You could take ANY of these paths. THEY ARE ALL WIDE OPEN FOR YOU.

And THAT is what I couldn't figure out when you saw me scratching my head over those astrology blogs four fucking years ago.

Okay, having transmitted that message for one particular visitor, we now return you to your regularly scheduled program ...


This is what I'm working on for the new astrology page:

I have to say, I’m definitely learning more about how to interpret transits.

If you’ve looked at the blog at all, you will see I am beginning to give up on this guy. Yes, we do have ONE more choice point to get back together, which starts about this time next year and goes for two years. After that, the clock stops. It’s over. We’re done. If it doesn’t happen in approximately the next three years, it’s never going to.


I was definitely giving up on this, because the guy pisses about and pisses about reading blogs and never communicates, even when I’ve asked him and I’ve given him lots of time. Who’s going to suddenly BOLT and go back to someone he hasn’t seen in almost seven years and hasn’t spoken to in almost five??? NOBODY.


So, I’ve been writing about that. The chap tends to disappear for long periods of time and each time, I suspect that’s it, I’ll never see him again. I penned a post I called, “Let’s Just Kiss and Say Goodbye.”

Well, SOMEbody read that one. And then went back to the one where I was thanking him for being here reading. And went back and forth. You could see the person’s thought process, trying to figure out my thought process. (I’M GIVING UP ON YOU, YOU DOLT!!! YOU NEVER SPEAK!!! DUHHH!!! HOW FUCKING DIFFICULT CAN THAT POSSIBLY EVER BE???)


And then the same person went back, and pulled up blogs of yore I’d devoutly wished he’d read back when I posted them, because they contain nuggets of absolutely essential information about codependency in relationships this person is going to need no matter fucking WHO he’s with, if he ever, ever, ever, EVER wants his life to go better.


And then … and THEN … 

He went all the way to the beginning and started reading the astrology posts there. Astrology posts!! My atheist who thinks astrology is bunk??? (And now he knows about that time I saw him on Facebook and screamed! Ha, ha, ha!)

(This is why we need responsible writing on astrology. Because So. Many. People. Turn to it when desperate.)

And I was delighted, because there was so much in there about codependency, about codependency in relationships, and about codependency in OUR relationship I had wished like hell he would read and digest FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO.

And here he was ... reading them! (All night long, in one case.)

I looked at that GA log, and went, All right. There's GOT to be something in the charts about this! And went on a hunt.

Turns out ... there was. I just didn't think to look for it ahead of time, because there was nothing to alert me that anything might be important about April 18, 19, and 20th, 2022.

And it all dovetails with our Davison ... the birth chart of our relationship, and our composite. More to come. The plot thickens.

Stay tuned for that new astrology tab.         


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