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HiLARious card reading, for those into tarot

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on March 17, 2022 at 5:45 PM

From the Minchiate Tarot, me:

Past: Charity, reversed. (No shit.)
Present: Seven of Swords, reversed. (Oh, really?) (Sure. I'll eat my hair if that happens.)
Future: Aries. (Let's hope so.)

Shadow Truth spread, Chi:

Attitude you assume: Page of Cups, reversed.

Thoughts and feelings that underlie your attitudes: Five of Pentacles.

How your attitude is evolving and will evolve in the future: Eight of Cups.

How others perceive your attitude: King of Cups.

What you cannot confront or are hiding from yourself: Death, reversed.

Creative process spread, Rory:

Creative force behind the project: Empress, reversed.

Force that initiates the project: Queen of Swords, reversed.

Emotion: Knight of Swords.

Process of organizing the project: Three of Pentacles.

Manifestation: Page of Wands.

Me and Chi: (this one's interesting) We got a relationship spread.

How I see myself: Page of Pentacles, reversed.

How I see him: Seven of Cups, reversed.

How I feel about him: The High Priestess.

What stands between us: The Fool, reversed.

How he sees me: Strength, reversed.

How he feels about me: Ten of Swords. (makes sense.)

Status of or challenge of the relationship: Eight of Wands. 

Chi and Rory: (Jesus Christ.)

(In a cross and triangle, you do NOT want all the good stuff at the top and all the bad stuff at the bottom.)

Prime energy manifest in your life: (This is the William Blake Tarot.) Magic.

Spirit, process of thought, influence of reason: Nine of Music (Happiness).

Motivations: Ace of Poetry.

Emotions, meditations, influence of love: Water. Position in life: Six of Science (Passage).

First of two opposing forces: Four of Painting, reversed.

Second of two opposing forces: Ace of Science, reversed ("A self-centered point of view.")

Force that will resolve the conflict between the two opposing forces: Forgiveness, reversed. ("Unwillingness to learn from mistakes. Magnifying errors out of proportion. Refusal to hear the inner voice. Lack of forgiveness and compassion.")

Final outcome unless you change course: Three of painting, reversed. ("Failure to master your skills and talents. Lack of engagement with your peers. Unwillingness to synthesize the available factors. Failure to build support.")

However ...

Been hearing this a LONG time. Hasn't happened yet.

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