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Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on July 1, 2021 at 6:25 PM
Me: Hagall spread. Reveals the path of spiritual growth in difficult situations.

Central issue: Knight of Cups. (Really?)
Something you did to bring the situation about: Six of Cups (yes, that's right.)
My beliefs, impressions, expectations: Six of swords reversed (and so is that.)
Most likely outcome: Ten of wands (at least it isn't upside down.)
Spiritual history/things I've learned: Wheel of fortune. (Hm. I don't know about that.)
Spiritual tasks and challenges: Queen of wands reversed.
Metamorphosis of the spiritual situation: Six of wands. (I doubt that, but at least it isn't reversed!)
Person or qualities sustaining the journey: High priestess reversed.
Qualities I express in this circumstances: Four of Swords.
Person or qualities revealing spiritual knowledge: The World.

Chi: Creative process spread.

Creative force behind the process: Nine of cups reversed. (No shit.)
Prophetic image that stems from the first card to initiate the project: King of Swords reversed. (Uh-oh.)
Emotion: Six of swords. (Hm.)
Thought: Seven of pentacles reversed. 
Manifestation: The Emperor. (Let's hope so.)

Rory: Fourfold vision: Different ways of looking at a person or situation.

Object being viewed: Eight of pentacles. (This would be a first!)
How the object is seen at a base level: The Devil.
Mental vision: Four of pentacles.
Emotional vision: Page of wands reversed.
Unseen aspects of the object: Seven of pentacles reversed. (And that, too.)

Me and Chi: The Three Fates.

Past: The Tower. (Well, they've got THAT right.)
Present: Justice reversed
Future: The Star. (I'll believe that when I see it.)

Chi and Rory: A relationship spread.

How he sees himself: The Empress.
How he sees his partner: Three of cups, reversed. (*snicker*)
How he feels about his partner: The Devil, reversed.
Standing between them (keeping them apart): Two of pentacles.
How she sees him: Ace of wands reversed
How she feels about him: Four of swords reversed
Present status or challenge of the relationship: Knight of wands reversed.

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