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No, I'm not mad at you.

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on May 2, 2021 at 7:40 PM

So it's come to my attention that on April 13, a person on a mobile phone came STRAIGHT here, went to The Resources You Are Looking For, then went to my other post where it looked as if the person in question had visited, (Will My XXXX Area Visitor Please Stand Up?), then back to the Resources post, and left ... after being here something like three hours.

Now, who would do that?

I have a pretty good idea, and I realize the difference in tone between the two posts may be somewhat off-putting.

The fact is, I have learned that if I want to tell you anything, I had better talk fast, because you show up, scat like light, and fuck knows if I'll ever get another chance. So, I wanted to transmit that, because I'm looking at your chart and that's what it's telling me.

You need to get some important psychological work done. Forget anything else I have to say, that's what's important, so that's what I posted. That's because I care how your life ends. I care about you.

You're aware by now that I don't bite. What's up? Que pasa, hombre?

Those PO'd that I'm leaving a message for the person in question on here can piss off. I just wrote an entire article on Medium about The Highest Good For All. After all this work, don't you think I'm taking that into account?

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