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Card Readings and Hopelessness

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on February 21, 2021 at 9:40 PM

So, as anyone can read, I was feeling pretty low a couple of days ago.

*sigh* If people never felt low, the occult pseudosciences would never have been developed. Because, at these low periods, we have NO answers. (If we did, we wouldn't feel as low, now would we?)

When we feel low, and there are no answers, that's when the desperate turn to astrology ... or, in my case, my fairy card deck. I didn't do a new reading. I simply looked up the notes I took on the last day of 2020, when I did my official reading for 2021.

And there it was.  "January 1-Feb 15: You're being too negative. You are dwelling too much on your age and the passage of time."

(Boy, is that the truth. I've been dealing with this hip sprain thing that's pretty much prevented me from exercising for close to a year now. So this time last year I was able to jog a 6K and this year I can't even walk half a mile. And my STOMACH looks like my gramma's.)

To continue: Feb 15-end of March: "You should be seeing your special life story, but you've lost the plot. You are caught in a fog of illusion. You're afraid or reluctant to connect with others. (Yep ... pretty sure my work is shit, so I don't want to show it to anyone anymore.) Try stringent honesty and get back in touch with yourself. (Which you sort of have to do if you're going to enjoy writing anything.)"

Here's where it gets interesting. April 1-May 15th or so: The Underwater King. The Underwater King is, of course, Neptune ... conjunct the natal sun of Someone We Know, and the marker of myriad problems in this person's romantic relationships, no matter who the fuck he's with. Curiously, we both get this same card for this same period of time.

My quick notes on this card: "You are about to receive new life energies. Will happen when you hold counsel with yourself and find the road and the choices that give you peace. Remain connected to source instead of status and security. If the inner self wants another path you will feel unwell and unhappy. You're united with source when you are at peace and nourished from within. Be on the path your heart has chosen. We get revivification for new projects and challenges once we have reached within ourselves and consulted with our deepest heart as to whether we are heading in the right direction for the right purpose. Make peace with others and the past so buried energies don't arrest your entry into a new cycle."

Makes sense, if you're a writer. If you're trying for outside kudos only, you're probably not heading in the right direction for the right purpose. Makes sense for any unhappy life situation, I suppose. After that, my life starts looking a lot better. And, I have to admit, my last four articles on Medium all got curated! (And I never get curated.) So ... perhaps I should just stick these next six weeks out and just reserve judgment about life for a while.

(Their readings ... very interesting, indeed.)

Speaking of which, I put Google Analytics on this site some time ago and am getting handier and handier with it. (One of the many benefits of paying for a YourTango membership is the classes that teach you how to use this stuff.)

It would seem that I have a user whose origin is cloaked, who comes on here every few days just to look at my blog. Sometimes they're here twice a day.

Now, here I've been saying, "I have ZERO evidence that this person even remembers me anymore. So I guess that's that, I'll never hear from the person again, oh, well."

Interesting finding, this.

If I have some OTHER stalker, it would be nice if you would leave me a note on the contact page. (Had to disable comments ... too many scammers.) Otherwise, whom am I to assume this is??  *keep scrollin' past ...


May I PLEASE bring your attention to the following, which I typed back on this blog in DECEMBER???

"Interestingly enough, the cards led me to look at February. Why do I have a bright spot in February in the middle of an otherwise shitty year? In February, our Davison gets hits on its Saturn from the Sun (US), Mercury (communication), Venus (duh!), and Jupiter all at the same time, together with transiting nodal squares to the same planets, AND both Saturn and Jupiter sextile and trine the relationship natal nodes."

Don't tell me astrology is hogwash.



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