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Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on November 29, 2020 at 11:20 PM
I think this will make the most sense if I work backwards.

Before I start this, let me say that tarot cards can be influenced by the
 person being read for ... especially if you're reading for yourself. 
Nonetheless, they can be informative just the same. 

So, here we go: The reading for the husband and wife:

Reading Five: Chi and Rory.



The Twisting Path spread. A Twisting Path is often used when you're trying to achieve a

goal and having trouble, and you are looking for advice. It shows you two decisions and pitfalls.

What's interesting about this reading is the "goal" at the end. The Five of Cups shows a person

contemplating a loss, brokenhearted, grieving about what might have been. I'm going to take this

as a warning rather than a "goal." Of course, if it's a totally nonworkable relationship, then that

could conceivably BE a goal ... but that sure ain't MY decision to make!



Decision One: Wheel of Fortune, reversed.

When you get this, you've got a delay or a setback. Okay.

But what does that have to do with a "decision?" The fabulous website" target="_blank">Truly Teach Me Tarot tells us,"When the

Wheel of Fortune Reverses you must look to yourself and see if there have been any negative repetitive

patterns forming in your life. These problems or challenges may be returning to you over and over again in

order to give you the opportunity to resolve them. During this slow time in your life it may be worthwhile to

return to The Hermit to reflect on those things that no longer have any value or worth. Once you have identified

them you can set about making the necessary changes in order to be ready for when The Wheel begins to turn

once more and make its upward ascent. As The Wheel begins to slowly turn, you may realise that things you

have done in the past have caused the problems you now face. Remember though that when you reach the lowest

point on the wheel there is nowhere for it to go but up once more. Patience and understanding is required of you

now. Even though you may have missed out on an opportunity, remember that the Universe will always give you

a second chance."



Leading you astray from the outcome shown: Seven of Wands, reversed.

This is often called the "Oh, well, what's the use?" card.



Decision Two: King of Cups, reversed.

In tarot, the King of Cups is the King of Codependency. They could choose (once again) not to do the work,

and to stay codependent ... as all three of us undoubtably are..



Leading you astray from the outcome shown: King of Pentacles.

The King of Pentacles is a wonderful card. The King of Pentacles is a hard worker who gets things done. The

attitude is mature and capable. Often the card refers to financial capability, but basically this is a person who

leaves their family a good legacy in more than a financial sense of the word.



The Outcome (“one possible mask of your true destination"): Five of Cups.

Interesting, yes? A goal if someone has a King of Cups reversed attitude; a warning if what you want is

that King of Pentacles.

More coming ...

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