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HOLY SHIT! (Or, Sometimes I Feel Like Jane Seymour in that Old James Bond Movie ...)

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on November 29, 2020 at 10:50 PM

Ohhhh-Kayyyyy ...

You'll notice I am posting this right after posting the last entry I made. The reason I'm doing this is: Just for fun after writing that, I went to my favorite online website and did a random series of tarot readings. 

If you know anything about tarot, these are going to be funny as HELL. (And a bit worrisome, to boot.) For those who don't know anything about tarot, I'm going to post the readings here and then the following posts will illustrate why I read tarot and astrology and how these readings really can help your ass out when you find yourself in a shit-uation-ship such as this one.

Reading One: Me.

A Two Paths spread.


Outcome One: Five of Swords


Outcome Two: Nine of Wands reversed.


Leading to Outcome One: The Devil.


Leading to Outcome Two: Ten of Wands reversed.


The critical factor that decides what will come to pass: Two of Wands reversed.

Reading Two: Chi.

A Cross and Triangle.


Prine energy in his life: Knight of Pentacles reversed.


Process of thought: Nine of Swords reversed.


Motivation: The Hermit reversed.


Emotions: Eight of Wands.


Position in life: Four of cups.


One of two opposing forces: Five of Cups reversed.


Second of two opposing forces: Three of Cups. (Hmm … I thought these were supposed to be OPPOSING forces!)


Resolving the conflict between the forces: Six of Cups.


Final outcome unless you change course: The Lovers, reversed.



Reading Three: Rory


A Shadow Truth spread.


Attitude you assume: Ace of Wands.


Thoughts and feelings underlying your attitudes: The Emperor.


How your attitude will evolve in the future: Seven of Cups.


How others perceive your attitude: Five of Cups reversed.


What you cannot confront: The Fool, reversed.



Reading Four: Me and Chi.


Two Paths spread, once again.


Outcome One: Temperance.


Outcome Two: Judgment, reversed.


Leading to Outcome One: Justice.


Leading to Outcome Two: Page of Pentacles.


The critical factor that decides what will come to pass: Three of Wands, reversed.



Reading Five: Chi and Rory.


The Twisting Path spread.


Decision One: Wheel of Fortune, reversed.


Leading you astray from the outcome shown: Seven of Wands, reversed.


Decision Two: King of Cups, reversed.


Leading you astray from the outcome shown: King of Pentacles.


The Outcome (“one possible mask of your true destination"): Five of Cups.

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