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Thinking About This This Morning ... Twin Flame Issues Can Apply to Other Areas of LIfe Besides Relationships

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on July 22, 2020 at 9:50 AM
You know, seems as if this awful trauma of trying to rid oneself of a "twin flame" who isn't coming back can be applied to other things. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Like, in the area of writing, or other areas of my life, I'm addicted to approval-seeking and I don't know who I am unless I am seeking and gaining other people's approval. It's like I'm a little two-year-old child who's going, "Mommy. Mommy, look at this!" and Mommy doesn't notice, or scolds the child again, and then the child slinks away feeling horrible. Like the child must be bad because Mommy didn't think the child was good. The baby needed Mommy and Mommy didn't respond. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________So these days I tell myself I have to write something, and I'm going, "This won't be good enough, no one will care anyway, why do I want to do all that work?" I don't know how to enjoy anything unless whoever passes for "Mommy" these days approves, and it's the approval I enjoy and not the activity. People who know how to enjoy being alive aren't doing this. But I don't know on an emotional level how to do anything else, so I can no longer enjoy life. I took away the narcissistic, "I need Mommy to clap" part, and the other part of doing anything ISN'T THERE. And I don't think it ever WAS there. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Some of us are doing this in a relationship with a twin flame. Some of us are doing this other places in our lives. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Of course, when we're doing this, we're really, really vulnerable to the charms of a twin flame who comes and goes and comes and goes. "It's True Love, who cares about anything else!!" When really "true love" is PART of a good life, and not even necessary to a good life, and not the whole life. When you try to make "true love" your whole life--which we'll do because we can't seem to get the other parts of our life to work--what you get is an enmeshed codependent relationship, which never works and, sadly, in the leg in which he comes back, is ALL over our charts til we have a miserable breakup in our fucking SEVENTIES. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Man, when you look at a horoscope and you see THIS shit, you better sit up and pay attention. Enmeshed codependent relationships Do. Not. End. Well. Unless the lazyboneses IN the relationship do their work and get well. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Hmm. A warning, or just a leftover from the other timeline that isn't going to happen now?

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