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What About the "Twin Flame Journey?"

Posted by The Thinking Other Woman on July 12, 2020 at 3:10 PM
What I've discovered about this needy-needy-neediness that we feel for friends, for family, or worst of all for a twin flame that isn't cooperating, is that we're codependent. We're not very self-sufficient, and that needs to be developed in us. In metaphysical terms we can call that "needing to clean our energy" or we can talk about it in terms of "alchemy" or whatever, but psychology calls it "codependency" and we can read about it in those terms, too. In fact it helps to do both. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This stuff all comes from a difficult childhood with parents who didn't fill us up with what we needed as babies and very young children for our psyches to develop normally. So we grow up with a hole, instead of whole. Psychology puts it this way. Metaphysics may put out all this stuff about how we're here to demonstrate love or we're here to be light workers or whatever, and that is a more positive-sounding way to put it for people who are struggling, who don't feel very good about themselves, and have a lot of difficult emotional work to do. However, the truth is that we incarnated to be screwed up by parents like this because we wanted to raise ourselves. Rather than have parents who were already healthy and put the health into us raising us in the messages that they knew we were special and that we have intrinsic worth, we elected not to have that because we were supposed to take control of that part of ourselves from the feet up and do it all ourselves. That means DIFFICULT EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING that starts in a disadvantaged childhood with parents who put us behind emotionally and spiritually, and perhaps also materially as well. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Then we get here and it feels so, so, SO, so hard, we don't believe we can do it. So we sit there mired in horrible feelings until a twin flame comes and kicks our ass and motivates us through SO much pain we're motivated to get up off our ass and finish putting ourselves together in the way we originally intended. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now I discover the "twin flame community" and many of these YouTube videographers end up talking about a difficult childhood! How did I know this would come out in these videos sooner or later?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Where card readings, psychology, and astrology helped me out is it showed me these dynamics also operating in the other two people in my triangle, which showed me that it wasn't what it looked like: "This person is my salvation who's finally going to love me the way Mommy and Daddy didn't and make me feel secure in these and those ways." It showed me: Here's three wounded people in these and those ways and here's how all three need to heal. It gives you a bird's eye view of the reality of the situation. Once you see that, then you see that the ideal relationship you think you see that you feel needy-needy-needy for, isn't real and here's what you all three need to do instead. Now you have the paradigm shift because you see reality and you can see that you really do need to just go on and finish your healing work and that's it. Your twin flame is so attractive because he or she looks like the savior your parents should have been and weren't. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ But the fact is you're past that stage of development where another person can just put the health into you while you're still little and your brain is still forming. You're an adult, your adult brain is already formed, and no one can do it for you, certainly not your twin flame, who, if he keeps running away, clearly has problems of his own. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Based on what I've seen about this phenomenon called "the twin flame journey," I believe this WAS a twin flame situation, and therefore I have diagrammed out a twin flame journey here in the astrology of the three charts and the diagram I drew. (See Anatomy of an Affair here:

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